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About us

While Chip Clip Chain is a very difficult name to say three times fast, using it is as easy as can be!

The simplicity in design is on purpose. It is our wish that this invention makes life easier for you, simplifying and organizing all the areas of your life. Every Chip Clip Chain is made in the Ozarks - Missouri to be exact. We are proud to say that our products are assembled and packaged in the USA.

I never thought I could find so many uses for it! I’m so happy i bought it. Thank you!

Dianne - illinois


the many ways in which you can use your own chip clip chain


Organize your pantry!

Hang on shelves or over the pantry door for chips, bread, cereal and more!

Show off your artwork!

Mount on the wall to easily display your creations!

Bring order to your car or truck!

Hang on the coat hook for long car trips to keep games, paper, bags of crayons and more at your child’s fingertips!

Spread holiday cheer!

Mount on a wall during the holiday season to display cards, stockings, and more!

Arrange your classroom!

Teachers, use the Chip Clip Chain to group materials, organize papers, or display student work!

Impress your work friends!

Use in your cubicle to bring a special organization to knick knacks, picture displays, or even paper sorting!

Arrange your kitchen!

Use in restaurants…dry fresh herbs, keep recipes close at hand, organize towels, and more!

Form a first aid center!

Hang on the back of a door at a clinic, hospital, or doctor's office for quick access to bandages, tape, and more!

Sort your paperwork!

Label your clips to group receipts, invoices, schoolwork, and more to keep your life orderly!


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